Innovation – Hot Dip Galvanization Process


We send our wrought iron materials out to be hot dipped galvanized before applying a finish and installing. This innovative process of galvanizing is a deterrent for rust, thus making it low maintenance and in little need of repainting throughout its lifespan. We recommend having your wrought iron fence or railing galvanized before installing, as it protects against corrosion. Specifically, hot-dip galvanizing is the process of placing iron in a molten zinc bath. The zinc acts as a barrier for the iron, so that even if your fence or railing is damaged, the steel underneath the zinc will remain protected. The above video demonstrates the galvanization process through which all of our wrought iron products go through. Once the products are back in our shop, we paint them and prepare for their installation. While the galvanizing process cannot guarantee that the iron will never rust, it certainly extends the lifespan of your iron fence or railing. At Salem Iron Works we always are looking for new innovations, such as galvanizing, so you as a customer are always happy with the finished product.